Local stable extinguishing equipment FIRESTOP

Local stable extinguishing equipment FIRESTOP

Local stable extinguishing equipment FIRESTOP (LSHZ) allows for the protection of small and large server room.


The basis of LSEE is, similarly as in the case of the AES, a container, which corresponds to a fire extinguisher with a content of 1; 2; 4; 6 or 9 kg (or as the case may be a volume of 6 or 9 l). There are two tube outputs on a special valve. One is for the heat-sensitive tube with a diameter of 6 mm and maximum length according to the type of extinguishing agent of 4 – 15m, which is constantly under pressure and the second output for the conveyor tube from the valve to the jet, usually with a diameter of 12 mm. Thus activation of the LSEE is possible in two ways – fire penetration of the heat-sensitive tube or opening of the electromagnetic valve via impulse from the sensor positioned in the protected area (or a manual button) and release of the extinguishing agent via the conveyor tube and jet.

Practically any type of sensor can be used to activate the LSEE. Heat and smoke sensors are most often used. However, even better is a mutual combination of the two, which allows you to avoid accidental alarm or activation. The control unit, which can be part of the system, also allows for a time delay between notification of an alarm (whether an electric fire alarm or acoustic and light signalling) and actual opening of the electromagnetic valve. The delay allows, for cases when staff is present, for removal of the problem of an increasing temperature, extinguishing of minor fires using regular fire extinguishers or removal of any defects in the technology without the LSEE being activated. Staff may also start the LSEE using a manual button.

LSHZ FE-36 - protokol o výsledku centifikace (173.6 KB)

LSHZ FE-36 - centifikát (227.3 KB)


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