Automatic extinguishing system FIRESTOP

Automatic extinguishing system FIRESTOP

The FIRESTOP® automatic extinguishing system (AES) is in principle a very simple and reliable piece of equipment, which has practically unlimited possibilities for use. This concerns very effective and modern extinguishing equipment, which does not require the presence an operator, can even be applied in inaccessible areas and does not require any power source.


The basis of the automatic extinguishing system is similar to a regular TEPOSTOP® fire extinguisher with a content of 1; 2; 4; 6 or 9 kg, or as the case may be with a volume of 6 or 9 l. The container includes a special valve, which allows for connection of tubes with a diameter of 6 or 12 mm. The properties of these tubes are decisive for its use. This concerns a special heat sensitive tube, which is under constant pressure. If a fire breaks out or if the temperature reaches a level in excess of 110-120 oC, the tube bursts due to the effect of pressure inside and the increase in temperature, creates a jet and the extinguishing agent immediately begins to flow from the container to the focal point of the fire and the protected area. This results in very swift and effective extinguishing of the blaze.

The possibilities of the AES do not however end here. The system can be supplemented by a pressure switch (PS). This allows for transmission of impulses (information) to various electronic equipment in the event of activation, for example to acoustic or light signalisation and electronic fire alarm (EFA) and similar. It can also ensure the disconnection of electrical power supply to the protected equipment, ventilation or air-conditioning in order that the most effective extinguishing effect is achieved with the application of the smallest amount of extinguishing agent.

The extinguishing agents used in AES are equivalent to those used in TEPOSTOP® fire extinguishers. This especially concerns the so-called clean gas extinguishing agent with the trade description FE-36, where the length of the tubes may be as much as 2 x 15 m (in the case of two tube outlets from the valve), CENTRIMAX ABC 40 extinguishing powder (with max. tube length 2 x 4 m) and foam with a similar tube length. Use of individual extinguishing agents is based on the character of individual area being protected. For electronic and electrical equipment is it suitable to use special gas extinguisher - FE-36 and in the case of chemical technology and substances, extinguishing powder or foam.

FIRESTOP® automatic extinguishing systems have all the requisite certification (Engineering Test Institute in Brno and Testing and Control Building Institute in Prague) and are manufactured like all products offered by our company within the framework of a quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001. AES have already been installed in many important companies, businesses and governmental institutions for the protection of various technologies. We would be happy to provide you with information about applications that have been implemented, methods of protection for individual pieces of equipment, references, methods of protection for specific pieces of equipment and the possibilities of this system or explain these matters to you personally.

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AHS FE-36 - protokol o výsledku centifikace (173.4 KB)

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